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VMUG's online virtual event will deliver a highly interactive, 3-D virtual environment with live video-streaming keynote and breakout sessions with speaker Q&A, on-demand breakout sessions, and interactive partner exhibits within the show floor. And the best part is this event is virtual so you can experience it all from anywhere -- you don't even have to leave your home or office!

We will assemble an entire crew of VMware experts who are ready to share their knowledge to help you succeed. Don't miss this exciting event!

Highlights the December VMUG Virtual Event has to offer:


At VMworld this year, VMware made clear its intention to fully embrace Kubernetes with the announcements of some very exciting new offerings. Tanzu is a broad portfolio of technologies focus on enabling customers to build, run, and manage cloud-native and specifically Kubernetes-based applications. Project Pacific deeply integrates Kubernetes into vSphere, creating a truly next-generation infrastructure platform. In this keynote, we’ll dive into each of these announcements, learn more about them and better understand VMware’s overall cloud-native strategy. We’ll do this in a panel discussion format, with Kit Colbert, CTO for Cloud Platform at VMware moderating, and Joe Beda, Heptio co-founder and Kubernetes co-creator and now Principal Engineer at VMware and Jared Rosoff, Sr Dir of PM for vSphere and creator of Project Pacific, as panelists. This should be a lively discussion spanning strategy, business, technology, and what it all means for customers.

Jared Rosoff, Senior Director, Product Management, VMware

Jared is Senior Director, Product Management for Workload Management in vSphere, responsible for the product strategy and direction for everything related to provisioning and managing workloads on vSphere. Jared co-founded project pacific and has lead execution of the project since inception. Before joining VMware, Jared was an early employee at MongoDB and lead the creation and execution of their technical go to market activities.

Joe Beda, Principal Engineer, VMware

Joe Beda is a Principal Engineer at VMware. Joe organizes Kubernetes technical direction across VMware and VMware Tanzu. Joe arrived at VMware via the acquisition of Heptio, a leader in the cloud native movement and a company that he co-founded. Previously, at Google, Joe co-created Google Compute Engine and filed the first ever Kubernetes project commit. He remains a frequent contributor to the open source community.

Kit Colbert, VP & CTO, Cloud Platform BU, VMware

Kit Colbert is VP & CTO, Cloud Platform BU at VMware, driving technical strategy and innovation for the vSphere, VMware Cloud on AWS, and Project Dimension product lines. Previously he was GM of Cloud-Native Apps, CTO for End-User Computing, the Chief Architect and Principal Engineer for Workspace Portal, and the lead Management Architect for the vRealize Operations Suite. At the start of his career, he was the technical lead behind the creation, development, and delivery of the vMotion and Storage vMotion features in vSphere. Kit holds a ScB in Computer Science from Brown University and is a recognized thought-leader on Cloud-Native, End-User Computing, and Cloud Management trends. He speaks regularly at industry conferences, on the main stage at VMworld, and is the Cloud-Native voice for the VMware Office of the CTO blog


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HOL-2026-01-NET - VMware NSX-T – Getting Started:
HOL-2008-01-HCI – - VMware vSAN - Getting Started:
HOL-2004-01-SDC - Mastering vSphere Performance:
HOL-2021-04-CMP - vRealize Orchestrator - Getting Started:

Thursday, December 5

Event Starts

Containers and Kubernetes 101 for the VI Admin

Kendrick Coleman

Your developers are asking for it. The boss is wondering how much longer it's going to take. You need to get Kubernetes up and running. This session will explore core Kubernetes concepts as it relates to our knowledge as a vSphere administrators. We will explore the technical reason why Kubernetes is exploding (why the users are screaming for it) and also discuss the possible ways you could be successful deploying them. You’re going to leave with a better understanding of Kubernetes architecture and how to take the next step towards providing a Kubernetes/container services internally.

Operate Your Private Cloud Like a Rock Star, With VMware Cloud Foundation

Jason Shaw


It's 8am you just get to your desk, A new Mission Critical ticket has been opened, the application analyst says his App is 'slow'. Your boss wants a report in the next hour to tell him how much infrastructure capacity we need for the coming year, and the security team needs all the SSL certs replaced with a CA based cert. They also want all the root & Admin passwords changed because someone has left the company. It's going to be a long day.In this demo packed session, we will predict the future capacity needs & diagnose that performance issue with the vRealize Suite. Then replace all the SSL Certificates in the SDDC & change the passwords with just a few clicks. This is a demo packed session that will show the powerful easy to use operations that are only included in the fully integrated Private Cloud, VMware Cloud Foundation.

VMware Cloud on AWS: Deployment, Operations, and Workload Management

Jeremiah Megie


This session teaches you about how to manage a production SDDC in VMware Cloud on AWS. Learn how SDDCs are deployed, and what you need to do in order to prepare for your first deployment. We'll then show you all you need to know about running actual production workloads, covering topics such as workload migration and onboarding, settings policies for compute, networking, and storage, and considerations for availability. We'll also show how you would approach other key operations tasks, such as logging and monitoring. You will leave this session with an understanding of how management of a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC should be approached for production workloads.

Mastering the Move to Windows 10 Modern Management with Workspace ONE

Josué Negrón

This technical session will be a dive into VMware Workspace ONE UEM. Attendees will build their overall knowledge on the topic at a technical level to make them more proficient. VMware Workspace ONE UEM enables modern management for the entire lifecycle of Windows 10 desktops, and ensures enterprise security at every layer. Topics such as deployment best practices, architectural principles and concepts, troubleshooting, and latest features will be covered. Demos will be shown as necessary to illustrate the topics.

A New Approach to Workload Protection with VMware Carbon Black

Evin Hernandez

Workloads in modern hybrid, multi-cloud environments are increasingly distributed making them difficult to secure. Traditional endpoint security tools were not designed - and are ill-suited - to effectively secure these workloads.

A new approach to workload protection is required, by making security intrinsic to the infrastructure across the software-defined data center. By distributing security controls to every host, and aligning security to the workload, this approach vastly simplifies administrative overhead by offering complete visibility and application context to security analysts.

In this session, you will discover:

  • How VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload embeds workload protection directly into the hypervisor to build a model of “known good” and expected behavior
  • Why server workload behavioral monitoring and adaptive prevention are uniquely suited to detect previously unknown threats and sophisticated attacks in the modern data center
  • How one customer leverages VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload today to simplify their security architecture

vRealize, the Features You Need to Know to Make an Impact From Day 1 to the Veteran?

Brandon Gordon

Each release of vRealize Operations gets bigger and better with more features, smoother user experience and tighter integration with the SDDC. vRealize Operations 8.0 is no exception! Learn how with self-driving operations, powered by vRealize Operations, you can automate, optimize, and simplify SDDC and multi-cloud management.

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